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The record Oomph is comprised of eight iconic songs chosen at random, which were then paired with the eight top themes found in music.

 album design


Breach Type


Land Use Research Book 

Breach is a military stencil typeface. Taking inspiration from pre-1980's, I set out to design a font with a simple geometric set to resemble a stencil. 

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type design


Land Use Research

This book consisted of a large amount of research from Oakland and Wayne County pertaining to the topic of land use.

book design


Broken Type

A modular typeface, carved from wood. Broken consisted of simplistic shapes to form a 2x3 letter. The idea brought back the nostalgia of playing Jenga with my brother.

tyoe design


Student Loans

This was a call to action typographic installation for public awareness. To showcase the overwhelming debt students experience while going to college. Juxtaposing the national debt made the audience feel less intimidated.

type installation


UFO Codon Report

A book on aliens. Given over 600 pages of content all boiled down into one cohesive book.

book design


Front Porch

The Front Porch is a music festival that takes place in Ferndale, MI on the front porches of the residents homes. This festival showcases local music and brings out the Ferndale brightness.

poster design

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