Record | 2019

Oomph is a chance based design where the entire process and final product was unplanned. Working with Sean Carbary, we both shared a common interest in music. We wrote down fourteen places that feature music like record stores, venues, and bars. We assigned each place a song, created a playlist, and hit shuffle. The first four songs that played were the four we were going to visit. Each place we collected images, sounds, materials, etc.

After visiting Third man records, Underground Sound, Ghost Light, and Pj’s Lager House, we decided that we wanted to create a vinyl record for our final deliverable. Through our experiences with experimental music at Ghost Light, we came across the concept of making the known unknown. Experimental music captures the essence of the chance project because it improved and created from multiple variables.

The record Oomph is comprised of eight iconic songs chosen at random, which were then paired with the eight top themes found in music. Each song was distorted with various effects chosen by chance and then overlaid with interviews we conducted. The interviews became the new vocals, at the end of each interview we asked them to make a sound that represents the theme. We titled each track after the sound each person made. Visuals were made from the audio data that warped and distorted the photography.